Besides providing the state of the art office back-up system on typical floors, the unique design tower comprises a wide range of prestigious commercial and financial enterprises like banks, food court and café are also planned for. In addition, the VIP Toilets are provided in every floor for the tenants convenience and comfort. At the penthouse levels, executive offices are provided with exclusive used of the sky garden, the licensed helipad, with a distinctive form.


For fast access to all office levels, 21 storey tower block is served by a six fast-speed lifts with sophisticated interiors. Microcomputer logistics reduce waiting time cars to the minimum; floor and car directions are shown by electronic display.


Special consideration is designed for generous illumination of above 500 lux, incorporating well distributed light fittings with high efficiency, low glare mirror optic reflectors.


Variable air volume air conditioning monitors temperature throughout the building and maintains preset ideal environmental conditions. Centralized chilled water system with air handling units on each floor maintains the internal office space at 24 degrees C temperature 55% to 60% humidity, allowing an air change of 17 CMH fresh air per person. VAV units have been provided for office perimeter to control the amount of heat gain through the glazing.


The building is design with its own generators, which total capacity is 4500 kVA to provide 100% load of the office when 2500 kVA power supply capacity from PLN black out.


2000 telephone lines are provided using ultra modern fibre optic transmission system and all pre-wired to every floor.


Sona Topas Tower is fully protected with an automatic fire sprinkler system. A computer controlled microprocessor based fire alarm and communication system monitors and verifies each heat and smoke detector and facilitates communications between the fire command center and strategic location in the building.


The Computerized Building Automation System ( CBAS ) monitors and controls all service to ensure the smooth operating status of all mechanical and electrical plant.


24-hours security is provided at the main tower, car parking building and surrounding. The adequate CCTV cameras as the building surveillance system are provided at some critical points. The rear entry lobby are also provided with security guard room and ancillary amenities, also caters to the after office hours use.


Sona Topas Tower has a separate 10 level car parking building at the back. This car parking building can be accessed from the ground floor as well as the 8th floor through a firm steel bridge.